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Grow your Business and Beat Competition is a client outreach tool that leverages AI to help small and mid-sized businesses contact 10x more potential customers in a few clicks. This online form filler is simple to use, engaging and effective.

Formcloud is an excellent online form filling app for every online business that wants to grow its sales through client outreach.

How does Formcloud Auto Fill Forms?

Formcloud can help your business reach out to hundreds of websites using their contact forms in a few minutes.

All it takes is this Two-Step process:

Step 1 :

Fill In A List of Websites + Your Contact Info

Give Formcloud some basic information about your clients for an effective customer outreach campaign. Fill in details about your customers’ websites.

Also, include the details that you want the form filler to send through the automated form sending machine (name, email, etc.).

Verify all the details you provided on the auto form filling app, from the contact business and email address to names and your outreach message. Then submit the details for our AI form filler tool to do its magic.

Step 2 :

Submit the Details for Our AI Form Filler Tool to Do Its Magic

After you submit your contact message to our online form-filling tool, it will submit your outreach message to all the websites you listed instantly. After that, it provides a report for your assessment.

The report includes a few details:

  • Your message was delivered successfully
  • Formcloud didn’t find a contact form
  • Formcloud encountered another problem

Formcloud helps automate form submission and client outreach. However, it may not succeed in one or more steps. In that case, the form filler app will show you what went wrong so that you can help correct the mistake in much lower time.

Why Choose Formcloud for Forms Automation?

Increasing sales is hard. Yet, it’s a process you must undertake to grow your business.
Now, there are many ways to contact potential clients, from sending cold pitches to using social media.

Why should you use our contact form submitter?

Our Form Automation Solution Works

Unless you’re an established business, most people will only learn about your business when you reach out to them. Statistically, 70% of business owners say they discover new clients during sales calls and outreach campaigns.

Good news: Out contact form submitter provides an opportunity to create awareness about your company. We can help you educate potential clients about your product or service. And the best part: you don’t need to spend weeks in the outreach process.

Formcloud helps you reach out to leads through a contact channel almost every website has: the web contact form. And because most businesses check messages sent through their contact forms, you have a great chance to get a response.

Easy to use

Formcloud is user-friendly

As already demonstrated, Formcloud is user-friendly. You don’t need to be a coder or a marketing guru to use our platform.

The only requirement is to fill out forms automatically. To be clear, Formcloud has an option to import contacts from an existing websites list. However, you could also list your clients’ contacts manually.

If you need assistance, navigate to our guide about how to fill out web forms automatically. Then submit your outreach message. The entire step takes fewer than five minutes.

Designed to
Increase Lead Generation

We built Formcloud from the ground up to help businesses contact potential clients efficiently. Our goal isn’t just to help you fill out forms automatically. We designed our tool to deliver your contact messages with a high success rate.

By improving the success rate of your sales pitches, you can grow your business faster. At Formcloud, we understand that AI is still a work in progress. This is why we created our automatic forms filler software to learn from past experiences.

Best in Class
Customer Service

Whether you want to learn about our app for filling out forms or get some help on how to automate form filling—our customer service department is ready to help. We can take you through every step of the forms’ submission process. And we are also there to listen to your experience with Formcloud.

Leave a message through our contact form to ensure we get it. However, you could also email us directly or give us a call. We are always ready to answer questions about our auto form filling software.

Personalized Price Plans

We care about the success of your business. As such, we provide our form filling program through affordable, personalized plans for your business. We also include a free trial to help you test our product before you get started.

What's more effective for Customer Outreach

Automatic Forms versus Mass Emails:

Wondering whether to use an automatic form filler program or a mass email service provider? You’re not alone. Every business wants to maximize returns for its investment.

When it comes to contacting leads, though, a free form filler software tool blows bulk emailing out of the water. With mass emails, you need to find emails for prospective customers manually. Then you send the emails without prior permission, which could annoy your clients.

In many cases, most people ignore unsolicited business emails. By comparison, every business expects people to contact them through their contact form. As such, auto form filler provides better success to marketers than any other alternative.

Our clients sometimes ask these questions:

Common Questions about Form Submission Services

How Does Formcloud Automatic Form Submission work?

Formcloud uses AI to find the contact forms of your potential clients. It then reaches out to these businesses on your behalf. Formcloud sends automated forms to hundreds of websites in seconds, thereby saving your time and resources.

Who Should use Formcloud Forms Filling Software?

Formcloud is a powerful automatic form filler software tool for every person who wants to contact businesses that have websites. Blogs, marketing agencies, online stores, and all other online businesses. If you want to contact more B2B leads in less time, you need Formcloud.

How Does Formcloud compare to Mass Email Solutions?

Formcloud helps you contact leads through a channel they support— web contact forms. This increases the chances of getting your messages to read and responded to. In turn, this could drive more sales to your business. By comparison, mass email services help you send emails to lots of businesses automatically. However, there are some challenges. For starters, most people send unsolicited emails to their spam folders directly. If this doesn't happen, they ignore your email.

Is it Legal to Contact Websites through Automated Forms?

Yes, it’s legal to contact a website through a free form filler. Many businesses provide a contact form in the hopes that their customers and business partners will use it for outreach. What’s not legal, though, is to send bulk emails to unsolicited customers. This is especially true if you acquired these emails illegally. Depending on where you’ve registered your business, you could face legal consequences for sending unsolicited mass emails.

How Can I Auto Fill Web Forms?

You can automatically fill web forms through a free tool. Formcloud has a free plan through which you can send automated contact forms. That said, you get a lot more features when you purchase a premium plan.


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